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Posted By: - 3/23/2012

Hey there! Thanks for taking some time to poke around Ova Ova. After almost a year in the making, we just launched Ova Ova last month. We are passionate about helping women empower themselves with information about their fertility so they can either practice a natural birth control method or use fertility charting to help get pregnant faster.

We want to give a huge shout out to both Stephanie and Ariel over at OffBeat Mama for the awesome review of Ova Ova. Seriously, how cool is OffBeat Mama? We’ve included a few excerpts from the review below, or you can check out the whole thing here:


In September 2011, when we talked a little about Fertility Awareness Method many of you mentioned you’d love to hear more about alternative birth control/fertility tracking on Offbeat Mama. We do our best to give you what you want, so let me introduce you to our sponsors OvaOva, an interactive website you can use for all of your charting needs.

The two big foci of OvaOva are pregnancy and birth control. Here’s how the service helps you with either/both:

Natural Birth Control

Depending on your cycle, there are only a few days each month you can get pregnant. OvaOva helps you keep track of the signs your body gives you (think cervical fluid and resting body temp) so you know when you are and aren’t fertile.

Natural Pregnancy

OvaOva claims that the combination of using Fertility Awareness Method and having sex during your fertile days can give you an 80% chance of getting pregnant.

What you really get from OvaOva

And here’s the big reveal: compared with how much people spend on average for synthetic birth control ($240) and ovulation kits ($288), OvaOva is a HUGE deal. For $36 you get:

  • A custom, easy-to-use fertility chart
  • Identification of your most fertile days
  • Interaction and support from the OvaOva network of women
  • The ability to email your chart to your doctor, midwife, partner, etc. No more having to scratch your head every time your OB/GYN asks when your last period was!
  • Best of all: you get a FREE 30 day trial! So head over and get tracking. Who knows what you’ll discover? I learned things I didn’t know just by reading the For Men section of the site! By the way: how fun is it to say their name? OvaOva. Ova-Ova. Ova! Ova! Ahem.

    Common questions

    Since the review, here are the two most common questions:

    1) How does Ova Ova work? There are only six days each cycle when conception is possible. By keeping track of two of your body’s natural signs (resting body temperature and cervical fluid) Ova Ova will analyze your daily recordings to clearly identify if you’re fertile or infertile. Ova Ova’s charting is based off the scientific rules of the Fertility Awareness Method, and applies the most conservative rules automatically so once you learn to observe your fertility signs there is no quess work involved.

    2) Does it still work if my cycle is irregular? Yes! Ova Ova is completely customized to your unique cycle and based on your daily fertility observations. Ova Ova applies all of the rules of the Fertility Awareness method, so it works the same way whether your cycles are 30 days or 300 days. The outdated Rhythm Method from the 1960′s assumed all women’s cycles were roughly the same (duh! that’s not going to work!). Ova Ova is a modern method that is based on your observations each day so cycle length is not a factor.


    Even if you ultimately decide that this isn’t for you (and it’s definitely not for everyone), we think this stuff is really important and is worth spending 15 minutes to understand this important aspect of your health. Think you’re an expert already? Take Ova Ova’s Fertility Awareness quiz! Or learn more in our Education Center. Here are the four most important articles to read to learn the Fertility Awareness Method:

    Thanks again for visiting, and PLEASE get in touch with us if you have any questions!